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Best Internet Package & Plans With Spectrum Internet, No Data Cap.

With fastest internet speeds and free anti-virus and modem, watch unlimited movies, favorite shows with uninterrupted streaming. Get Spectrum internet today and enjoy the ultimate experience of HD movies! Bundle the service with Spectrum packages so you can enjoy huge discounts & no contracts. Spectrum Internet starts at 100 Mbps and has no data caps.

    Spectrum Internet

    100 Mbps
    High Speed Internet

    Enjoy the best in
     sports, news and more at a
    great price.

    • Internet starting speeds of 100 Mbps
    • No modem charge

    $44.99/mofor 12 mos when bundled*

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    Spectrum Internet & Phone

    100 Mbps
    Internet + Phone

    High-speed internet connection along with uninterrupted phone connection

    • No modem charge
    • Unlimited calling, voicemail and private listing

    $64.98/mofor 12 mos when bundled*

    Select Triple Play

    125+Digital Channels

    With Free HD

    The most channels including Spectrum TV Silver plus our full suite of premium networks

    • Internet starting speeds of 100 Mbps
    • Unlimited Calling w/Voicemail
    • No modem charge

    $99.97/mofor 12 mos when bundled*

Additional $4.99 DVR service for 12 mos.

Spectrum Wireless Network

Carry your connection wherever you go with our Spectrum Wi-Fi- Hotspot all across the nation.

No Data Caps

Spectrum doesn’t cap your data, with our unlimited usage, you can stream as much content as you want.

Authorized By Parent

With Spectrum’s security Suite, parents can restrict and filter the unwanted content for their kids view.

Fastest Internet Available

There are no speed limits in Spectrum so you get puzzled with the streaming and downloads, Spectrum internet provides the simplest ways and performance which is adequately the best you can have, with free streaming, and free downloads you can watch your favorite HD movies and shows online without even experience the hassle.

Why Pay When Spectrum Has It For You

Why waste money on buying modems with no surety that they will function or not? You are charged with the modem fee in the package already with Spectrum Internet so you don’t need additional charges to pay for modems. Just choose your package and enjoy with fastest Spectrum Internet service available.

No Contract- Fastest Download

Spectrum doesn't trust there's any particular reason behind your internet to secure you. When you agree to accept Spectrum Internet, you won't agree to accept any yearly contracts. Also, in case you're stuck in one now, Spectrum will get it out for up to $500. Now there's nothing keeping you away from encountering incredible internet service.